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The Road Home II - More Songs of West Virginia


Thirteen more original songs about West Virginia by various West Virginia artists. "Green and Rolling Hills of West Virginia"-Mira Stanley and Ron Sowell, "Back to West Virginia"-Taylor Maid, "Rise Up"-Larry Groce, "Elk River Blues/West Virginia Hills"-Bob Webb and Heidi Muller, "West Virginia My Home"-Heidi Muller, "New River Swing"-Tish Westman, "Appalachian Way"-Clinton Collins, "Vandalia"-Micah and Mark Atkinson, "Life's Railway to Heaven"-Johnny Staats and Robert Shafer, "Daniel McElroy"-Shane Ingram, "My West Virginia Home"-Howie Damron, "Wild Yonder Blue"-Doug and Shelley Harper, and "Gotta Get Back Home"-Sonya Lee Christian.